2022 prices subject to change without notification. All prices in USD.

Stock One-piece Mouthpieces

  • Trumpet, Cornet, Flugelhorn $96.00
  • French Horn $96.00
  • Tenor Trombone, Bass Trombone $140.00
  • Tuba $220.00

Mouthpiece Options and Custom Mouthpieces

  • One-piece trumpet mouthpiece using Curry stock cup in Bach-style blank $106.00
  • Curry UltraLight, BlackJack HitMan, or Heavyweight trumpet blank $125.00
  • Custom Trumpet Mouthpieces using Curry parameters starting at $150.00
  • Custom Trombone Mouthpieces starting at $200.00
  • Custom Tuba Mouthpieces starting at $250.00
  • Custom scan & duplication of rim and cup in your choice of Curry blanks starting at $250.00
  • Trumpet tops for Warburton System $88.00
  • Trumpet backbores for Warburton System $76.00
  • Trumpet mouthpieces (new only) cut for Reeves Sleeves add $20.00
  • Reeves Sleeves $24.00 each
  • Standard trumpet, cornet, flugel mouthpiece with Lexan rim $125.00
  • Standard trombone model with Lexan rim $150.00
  • Standard tuba model with Lexan rim $260.00
  • Extra rim in brass for all models add $60.00
    (French horn models not available with this option)
  • Standard tuba model with Euro shank add $20.00 and three weeks time.

All prices above are in silverplate. Anderson 24kt Rose Gold available upon request.

Special Order Shanks

for cornet and flugel add $25

Trumpet Accessories

Sound Sleeves

  • Standard Sound Sleeve, Cornet, or Lead model $36.00
  • Megasleeve $60.00
  • Monster Sleeve (fits Curry Standard Trumpet Only) $70.00


  • CCAPS $70.00 set of three
  • MAGNUM CCAPS $86.00 set of three
     (a 4th CCAP or Action Rod may be ordered at additional charge)

Lightweight Fingerbuttons

$48.00 (set of three, Bach Strad or Schilke only)

XXCAPS 9-Piece Trim Kit (for Bach Strads and Yamahas ONLY!)

  • raw brass $200.00
  • bright silverplate $240.00
  • bright gold plate $380.00


All prices and specifications subject to change without notice
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Prices and specifications may be changed at any time.