Flugelhorn Mouthpieces

Flugelhorn mouthpieces are available for every Curry rim diameter. Two cup styles offered:

J is a convex-concave cup #19 bore (replaces FLM cup)
FL is a traditional cup #18 bore suitable for most work
FLD  is deeper with #15 bore

Please see Mouthpiece Overlays page for a Flugel cup comparison


Please note: ALL Curry Standard and 600 Series rims are available with  J, FL, and FLD cups. 


Universal Shank Flugelhorn Mouthpiece 


  • Universal Shank taper: fits Bach, Yamaha, and just about anything that takes a tapered shank. Fits Couesnon (with some wobble)
    Note: Older generations (pre-2022) of Curry Flugelhorn mouthpieces were marked Y, B, and F to indicate the type of shank. These shanks have been superseded by the Universal shank. FLM cups have been been replaced by the J cup
  • Special Order Only- French shank. The traditional french shank ONLY fits receivers with the French taper
  • Special Order Only- German shank. This is a also a tapered shank starting at 10mm (.393") common on Miraphone flugels and CarolBrass flugels