Curry Precision Mouthpieces


  • 2022 Prices unchanged!
  • "B" Cornet Shank available for early 1900's Besson, Holton Cornets!
  • "O" Oversized Cornet shanks for Vintage Olds Cornets.
  • "C" 2.5" Conn Short Cornet blank, with correct taper and length for pre-1958 (serial # <700,000) Conn Cornets!
  • V Raptor and Stomvi CCAPS now #1 size. Jupiter trumpets take #8 CCAPS
  • Scodwell Trumpets (and CarolBrass valve sections) takes B&S size CCAPS. 
  • Sound Sleeve Logo Die temporarily site Lost!! "SS-20xx" supercedes Old "Sound Sleeve" mark
  • The BlackJack "HitMan" custom trumpet blank is also available for cornet,  flugel, and TC/TF models