Curry Precision Mouthpieces

Office will be closed unil September 23rd, 2018. Dealer orders for stock items will ship as usual. We are relocating to Florida (I seriously miscalculated the timeline LOL)

  • 2018 Prices unchanged!
  • Brass Band Cornet cups (BBC) released! 
  • V Raptor and Stomvi CCAPS now #1 size. Jupiter trumpets take #8 CCAPS
  • Scodwell Trumpets (and CarolBrass valve sections) takes B&S size CCAPS. 
  • Sound Sleeve Logo Die temporarily site Lost!! "SS-2018" supercedes Old "Sound Sleeve" mark
  • New 2.5" Conn Short Cornet blank, with correct taper and length for pre-1958 (serial # <700,000) Conn Cornets!
  • The BlackJack "HitMan" custom trumpet blank is also available for cornet,  flugel, and TC/TF models.